History of blackjack gambling

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History of blackjack gambling

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History of blackjack gambling

Blackjack or card game 21 is a card game that has received attention and is popularly played in the top of the card game. Because it is a game that is easy to play, easy to understand, not chaotic, no fixed formulas But can apply various formulas throughout Previously, allnewgclub he had discovered that he had started playing in Europe. In Spain and France since 1700, in the middle, but at that time, it was called "The Word" which means "21", which is the name of the game's rules. Has only played a few people And has spread to sell as a wide empire to come to America And other countries around the world Even though it's a bit slow But now everyone in the world knows this game. And even if it had been collected as The Secret But it has been accepted as one of the entertainment of many CASINOs both in the ground, online and creating a program for racing against the computer as well. More importantly, it has become a favorite game for many people. You may not be aware of it. Until the expert began to create a blackjack strategy to be able to easily overcome

Playing blackjack How to play?
Blackjack game No matter where There is a similar betting method. Will use the calculation of the card face mainly Even though it is a competition that has to compete with the dealer It makes 52 cards, 1 deck, popular, until some casinos. Has added more than 52 cards, which may be 6 decks or 8 decks, allnewgclub depending on how much each table has players No matter how many cards are used But the purpose of betting is The total of 21 points or 21 is the closest. Anyone who exceeds 21 is 22 onwards. Will lose immediately. And then lose an automatic form

How to play it Starting from the dealer to deal 1 round of cards for 2 rounds by handing the dealer the last one. The dealer's hand will face 1 card and 1 card. When everyone has completed 2 cards, see their cards. The dealer's minimum is 17. The player's minimum is 16. If anyone has a minimum score then Will stop or continue But who has less points Should ask for more cards Until their own points are close to 21
Blackjack strategy for counting points in front of cards is an ace, or A, with a value of 11 or 1, KQJ, or King Queen Jack. There are 10 different numbers, such as 2 3 4 5 6. 7 8 9 10 has values ​​according to these numbers.

Blackjack strategy for playing on the gambling table
For playing blackjack, there will be a call. And the use of vocabulary, especially on gambling tables Called as the blackjack strategy that is used for the main purpose is hits, abbreviations, h, which means to draw more cards, stand short, S. This means not asking for additional cards, double or hits. Requesting doubling the amount of money to ask for more cards, double or standing. The abbreviation DS is a request for doubling the money, but not asking for more cards, the abbreviation SP is abbreviated. Same pair of cards, Oren spider or hit the acronym SUV is allowed to ask for or dictated.

In terms of how to increase the bet to double Or whether splitting the cards for those who have that pair Is that those who have those cards in the power of advantage For example, if the player has 11 points and the dealer has only 2-10 points, if the player has 10 points but the dealer has 2-9 points, if the player has 9 points or Ace 6 or Ace 7 and the dealer has only 3-6 points only, allnewgclub when the player has ace 4 or ace 5, the dealer only has 4-6 points, when the player has ace 2 or ace 3, the dealer has only 5-6 points Can only perform double separation Then increase the bet Of course, it will give you a chance to have more high points in your hand. And this is one blackjack strategy that many gamblers use.