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It is recommended to buy at a price that is higher than the average price of the three previous lows by about 20 percent, and the sale is carried out at 80 percent of the average price of the last three highs. The remaining trading nuances are determined by the correctness of the set take profits and stop losses.
It is worth noting the book of the genius of the currency market, George Soros. In it, the author notes that the formula for success is the reflection of the reflection of the reflections of other participants on the currency market. In other words, you know that he knows that you know it. Such a chain can continue indefinitely. The winner is the one who has more knowledge, or the one who correctly predicts further currency quotes.
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After reading the book of Soros, it is difficult to determine something concrete, because everything in it is explained rather vaguely and not always clear. It is worth noting that Soros decided to demonstrate the effectiveness of his trading strategy on the Russian stock market and, as a result, lost approximately 1.875 billion dollars. Such a loss led to the fact that Soros stopped financing the branch of his foundation in Russia, which continued to exist only thanks to the support of philanthropists. More information about Soros, his biography and investment activities are discussed in a separate article.
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Finally, I would like to note that the choice of a specific trading strategy should remain only for you.